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Haudriettes, 3e, chat gay 75017 75003. Hipsters and bikers join preps and expats around the central counter for affordable beer. Time Out says, read more. Website : Sun City Featuring a curious Indian-themed interior, this huge sauna offers a gym, an indoor swimming pool, a cinema, steam room, jacuzzi, and dark room. Map, a gay dance night club with three bars and two floors, a resident DJ Wednesday through Sunday nights. You may guarantee your reservation but do NOT pay anything at the time of booking. A bit older, hairier, and stockier, you wont find these guys hanging out in the trendier, more refined bars. Besides the many saunas, a variety of bars porn stores and sex clubs provide sexual opportunities not only at the center, but in outlying neighborhoods too. Read more Bars and pubs Duplex icon-location-pin Le Marais For those looking to drink and mingle without any flashy lights or erotic undertones, the Duplex is the place for you. This institution was home to artistic director David Guetta in the early '90s when it was the place for the gay club scene. Facebook Page : cudbar.

Its the place to go before hitting the clubs, although the resident DJ often makes everyone stay all night long. If you dare to show your interest to somebody in a direct way, you could easily be seen as too needy, too easy or too cheap. More Details and Prices Jules Jim Hotel The location in the heart of the Marais district naturally attracts a number of gay guests, as do the views of Paris rooftops and the stylish interior.

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Just stroll around a bit and do not only follow the routes in your travel guide book. Guys cruise the north end of park during the day, often taking action into the secluded groves of trees. Young and old, sporty and chic, local and foreign all collide for a happy hour (6-10pm) on pints followed by specials on Champagne until closing that provide the perfect social lubrication for the rest of the evening. 9 , paris Summer Cup 2019 : official tennis tournament sanctioned by the glta, the worldwide. They don't call it "Gay Paree" for nothing - the gay scene is open and thriving in the French capital. Website : Raidd, late in the evening, everyone goes crazy at this bar with its shower shows. Things at the Cud, an unfortunately-named but sinfully fun venue, start to heat up around 2am as party-seekers leave other venues for this classic and basic cave bar. The French enjoy sex as much as they do discussions of politics or religion over good food and wine. On weekends the crowd tends to spill out to the street.

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